HRG416 Mower


Experience the pleasure of Honda’s new generation of izy-ON battery lawnmowers. With cordless battery technology, uncompromising cutting performance and a robust build quality, they’re a clear-cut favourite for a better-looking lawn. The all new HRG416 Battery comes equipped with all you need with quiet, clean and powerful performance.

  • Domestic Push Mower

  • 16" Steel Deck

  • 36v Battery powered 1000w 3-Phase brushless motor

  • Catch or Discharge

  • 22.5kg (excl Battery)

  • Skin only. Battery & Charger sold separately

Battery Powered

Our new battery-powered izy-ON HRG416 push mower is cleaner than you think. As well as being zero-emission and boasting quiet running, there’s no need for a starter cord. Operating via a 3-Phase Brushless 1000w motor, get optimum performance for that Honda finish through the power of Honda’s Thermo-Smart universal battery range just from push of a button.

A Powerful Motor

The lithium-ion battery range developed for our new izy-ON HRG416 powers a brushless motor that is both high powered and highly efficient, ensuring that the battery’s energy goes as far as possible. Together, the pair propel the cutting blade to up to 2900rpm and – significantly – maintain that speed, ensuring no loss in cutting performance over an operating cycle.

Modern and Sleek

The all new izy-ON HRG416 push mower was engineered with practicality and durability front of mind. Made from quality components, it has a pressed, powder coated steel deck built for durability and resistance to corrosion, while its lightness of 22.5kgs provides excellent maneuverability. With a grass cutting bag capacity of 42 litres, the HRG416 mower takes the strain out of caring for your garden. Better yet, you can use the HRG416 in all weather conditions.

Universal Battery System

Powered by Honda’s Universal Battery System, you can use either of the three available batteries: 4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah across the HRG416 Lawnmower and Honda’s entire Battery product range. Ensuring the longest possible run time without compromising power, the Thermo-Smart technology continuously monitors the voltage and thermal performance of every cell.

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